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General information

Spectrum Authority
 National communication authorityPostal Address:

P.O. Box CT 1568
Cantonments Accra, Ghana
West Africa
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Spectrum Policy and Planning Introduction

National Communication authority is responsible for handling spectrum management in Ghana.
Its mission is to provide radio spectrum easily to its users and its purpose is to develop Ghana in the filed of communication through the proper use of radio spectrum.
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The authority issue the license in accordance with Regulation 127 of the National Communications Regulations, LI.1719 of 2003

Radio Frequency Register

 Radio license is served in the first come first serve basis.
The authority issues class I and class II license. Fixed telephone, cellular telephone and carrier services falls under class I license, whereas paging, VSAT, private radio license falls under class II license. User has to pay application fee, initial charges and annual renewal fee.
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