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Spectrum Authority
Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA)

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Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA)
MACRA, Private Bag 261,
Blantyre, Malawi
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Spectrum Policy and Planning Introduction

MACRA is taking effective measures for regulating, administering, controlling, monitoring and enforcing proper use of the radio frequency spectrum in order to maximize spectrum usage and prevent interference.The aim of the MACRA are:
• To manage radio frequency spectrum
• To allocate radio frequency spectrum among alternative users.
• To co-ordinate the radio frequency locally and internationally.
• To set rules and regulations governing the radio frequency
• To license, assign and administer the radio frequency
• To monitor the radio frequency spectrum
• To set and collect fees for the use of radio frequencies
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MACRA uses Section 18, Section 36, Section 47 and Section 61 of the Communications Act to issue the radio frequency licenses and telecommunication licenses.
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Radio Frequency Register
Frequency and licenses should be registered.There are two types of licenses: individual and second operator license. In case of Individual license, licensee should pay initial license fee, annual license fee, one percent of the net annual operating revenue and radio spectrum fee. Second operator license is for fixed
telecommunication service.

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