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Spectrum Authority
The Public Utilities Commission

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Public Utilities Commission
Agape House
4th Terrace East Collins Avenue
P.O Box N 4860
Nassau, Bahamas
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Spectrum Policy and Planning  Introduction

The commission is responsible for planning, managing and distributing radio frequency. For
more information on its responsibilities and duties please visit:

It uses section 6 of the telecommunication act 1999 to manage, regulate and allocate
radiocommunication. It uses Section 31(2) of the Act 1999 for the collection of fees.
For more information please visit:

Radio Frequency Register
An AM and/or FM Broadcast Spectrum License is issued to anyone who has first been granted
an AM and/or FM Broadcasting License from the proper licensing authority within the
Government of the Bahamas.
The spectrum license allows a user to operate on a specific radio frequency within the confines
of outlined parameters which is stated on both the broadcasting license and spectrum License.
In the case of FM broadcasting, there have only two categories of licenses are issued, island
specific and national license.
For the information on fees collection please visit:

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