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General information

Spectrum Authority
Bhutan Information Communications & Media Authority

Postal Address:Royal Government of Bhutan

Post Box 1072, Thimphu

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Spectrum Policy and Planning


BICMA is responsible for allocating the radio frequency according to the national plan and monitoring the illegal use of radio equipment. It addition, it updates and maintains radio spectrum plan. For more information please visit: Frequency fee is set by radiocom sector with the approval from director.Frequency fees are paid the government account.


It uses nation radio regulation 1999 for managing nation spectrum.

Radiocommunication License is issued in accordance with regulation 1999 section 14.
Licenses, except issued on exemption, are transferable. It uses Bhutan Telecommunication Act 1999 to authorized radiocommunication apparatus. Radiocom station is partially exempted,whereas security and UN is fully excempted.
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Radio Frequency Register 

Radio frequency should be registered, licensed and paid. Some of the frequencies are exempted but still they should be registered.


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