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Spectrum Authority

Department of Electronic Communications

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Department of Electronic Communications
Postal Address:
Postal Address: PO Box 24647, 1302 Nicosia
International Telephone : 357 22 814 840
Fax: 357 22 321 925
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Spectrum Policy and Planning


The Minister of Communications and Works is responsible for the overall policy of radio spectrum. DEC is responsible for the management of the radio spectrum and also advises the Minister on radio spectrum policy issues. DEC develops and maintains the National Frequency Plan; it authorizes the use of the radio spectrum (including the assignment of frequencies to broadcasting stations) and monitors spectrum usage.
There has been spectrum re-development in the country


It uses the Radiocommunications Law of 2002 (Law 146(I) of 2002) for the management of spectrum.

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Radio Frequency Register

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The upper limit of the mobile monitoring station is 3000MHz and upper limit of mobile
direction station is 1000 MHz

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