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Spectrum Authority
The State Agency for Communication.
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42, Isanov Str., 720017
Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic
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Spectrum Policy and Planning


The spectrum is managed by two agency is Kyrgyzstan. They are the state commission on
radio frequencies and the state agency of communication. The state agency for
communication issues the spectrum license after getting permission from the state
commission on radio frequency.
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The responsibilities of three agencies are as follows:
The Ministry of Transport and Communications
• development of state policy in electronic and traditional mail;
• preparation of normative acts relating to electronic mail and to post offices inside
the country and at an international level;
• Conduct of negotiations on communications with foreign states.
The State Commission on Radio Frequencies
• development of regulations regarding the use of radio frequencies;
• creation of the National Table on frequencies and long-term development of radio
communications in the Kyrgyz Republic.
The National Communication Agency
• monitoring and support of competition between operators
• provision of equal access to electric communications networks
• monitoring of conditions for the general public to use electriconic communications
• creation, development and use of the state system of radio control;
• preparation, control and monitoring of the national telephone numbers system;
• monitoring of the quality of communication services;
• provision of radio frequencies to users.
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There is no separate law for regulating spectrum management. It uses 1995 Licensing Law
and the Governmental Regulation on the Procedure for Licensing Business Activities in the
Sphere of Postal Services and Telecommunications, and Use of Frequency Range in the
Republic of Kazakhstan of 1996, as amended.
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The spectrum license is valid for minimum of two years and should be renewed every six
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Radio Frequency Register

Both public and private use of radio spectrum should be licensed. WiFi devices requires
certain kind of permission along with license.

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