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General information

Spectrum Authority

The Ministry of Communication, Transport, Post and Construction
Postal Address:
Lane-Xang Avenue
Lao P.D.R.
Lao People's Democratic Republic
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Spectrum Policy and Planning


The ministry is responsible for the managing and monitoring the radio spectrum. The duties
of the ministry in terms of spectrum are as follows:
• Co-ordination with the relevant sectors in subscribing [for], administering and allocating
national frequency waves,
• Co-ordination with the relevant sectors in studying and proposing regulation on fees,
intellectual property fees and other service charges.
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The agency uses telecommunication law for the management of radio spectrum. The law on spectrum has not yet been developed.

Radio Frequency Register

The ministry of communication, Transport, Post and Construction in accordance with
ministry of finance and other relevant sectors are preparing regulation on the
telecommunication charges and fees and intellectual property fees. The committee is
submitting this regulation for the government approval and consideration.
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