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Spectrum Policy and Planning


The commission carries out the following activities in the field of spectrum management Planning, coordinating, regulating and administering the use of the spectrum within the country Establishing regulations, technical parameters and standards governing the use of each frequency band or specific frequency by stations of different services, having regards to current international regulations and agreement Optimizing the use of spectrum, space and geo-stationary satellite orbit, ensuring the harmonious operation of different services, which use them Allocating frequency bands in accordance with international regulations and the national priorities and assigning specific frequencies as appropriate Authorising the installation and operation of radio stations, assigning call signs, MMSI numbers for ships and life boats, and granting appropriate frequency assignment.

 Updating all information on authorised wireless systems such as frequencies, the locations,
transmitting powers, call signs, etc, and their notification to the Radiocommunication
Bureau (ITU) if necessary Representing, establishing relations, coordinating and issuing technical opinions concerning the use of frequencies in international forum such as the World
Radiocommunication Conference (WRC), which is held every two years.
Measuring the technical parameters or emissions of wireless stations as appropriate;Conducting systematic inspections of Radiocommunication stations to check that theymust meet the technical standards and parameters for which their equipment andoperations were authorized Participating, insofar as the use of frequencies is concerned, in the development plans and projects of all wireless services, ensuring that those plans are in acceptance with current international and national regulations  Preparing for participating in international conference convened by the ITU, participating in such conferences and implementing any decisions adopted Conducting negotiations in connection with frequency spectrum management, space and165 satellite orbit location, and other related problems with other countries and international organizations.
Facilitating national industry technical forums to carry out works relating to the Study
Groups and Working Groups of ITU-R (Radiocommunications), preparing for the participation of specialist at meetings of the ITU-R and participating therein.
 Constituting the national body for relations with international and regional organisationsother than the ITU on technical, regulatory and administrative matters, technical cooperation and other subjects related to utilisation of frequency spectrum, space and the
geo-stationary satellite orbit.


It uses The Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 for licensing and registering the
For more information on legislation please visit:

Radio Frequency Register

All the frequencies, licenses and certificate should be registered. It is registered under the
commission and multimedia act 1998. For more information please visit:
For the information on allocation of spectrum please visit:

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