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General information

Spectrum Authority

Radio Frequency Department
Postal Address:
Ministry of Posts and Telematics
115 Trần Duy Hưng, Hà Nội
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Spectrum Policy and Plannin 


Vietnam’s government provides its radio frequency spectrum for public services. Radiofrequency department, under ministry of posts Telematics, handles the management ofspectrum.


Vietnam uses the following decision to provide radio spectrum for the public use.
Pursuant to the decision No 85/1998/QD-TTg of April 16, 1998 to approve the plan on
Vietnam’s radio frequency spectrum for services.
Pursuant to the decision No 907/2002/QD-TCBD of October 30, 2002 to approve “The revised plan on Vietnam’s radio frequency spectrum for services. The decision allows the public to use the spectrum.
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Radio Frequency Register

Registration and licensing are required for both organization and individuals use of radio
frequency. The specific range of frequency is allocated for each and every device (For example mobile, broadcasting, fixed etc)
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