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Spectrum Authority

Supreme Committee for the Supervision of the Telecommunication Sector
Abu Dhabi, Dubai
Postal Address:
P.O Box 26662
Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates
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Spectrum Policy and Planning


The government has established a co-ordination committee for the proper utilization of radio frequency. The authority is responsible for management of radio spectrum and allocation of radio spectrum designated for telecommunication services.


UAE uses Federal Law No. (7) of 1973 for Radio Communications.
It uses law No. 3 of 2003 for its spectrum fee policy.
For more information please visit:
• http://www.tra.gov.ae/telecomlawenglish.pdf
• http://www.tra.gov.ae/NationalTelecomPolicyofUAE.pdf

Radio Frequency Register

All the radio spectrum has to be registered and licensed. There is spectrum fee policy for
registering, authorizing and renewing spectrum. There is no unlicensed frequency band in UAE and each and every spectrum is charged.
For information on frequency allocation table please visit:

Relevant Documentation  Online Documentation

• http://www.tra.gov.ae/UAE_National_table-V1.pdf
• http://www.itu.int/ITUD/study_groups/SGP_20022006/JGRES09/-UNITEDARABEMIRATES.doc


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