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Spectrum Policy and Planning  Introduction

Communication Regulator Agency is an independent body which manages the radio spectrum. It has a Spectrum management department which looks after day to day activities of spectrum. the frequency monitoring is done by frequency management department(10%), enforcement department (5%) and licensing department (85%).
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It use communication law of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the management of spectrum.
It uses Article 19.Paragraph2. Telecommunications Law (Official Gazette BiH No. 10/99)
for the allocation of radio spectrum.
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It charges for the radio licenses on the basis of rules described in article 39, section 1article 37, section 1 (f) and on the basis of Rule on allocation of frequencies in Bosnia andHerzegovina („Official Gazette, number 36/02), Council of Communications RegulatoryAgency, at its session held on 16th September 2005.
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Radio Frequency Register
There is frequency allocation table form 9KHz to 10000MHz. The upper frequency limit of the mobile monitoring station 2750MHz and the upper frequency limit of mobile directionfinding station is 2750MHz.
License fees for radio frequencies are of two types. They are: administrative fee and annualfee. The government has given exemption for certain parties from paying the license fee of radio spectrum.

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