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Spectrum Authority
Estonian National Communications Board

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Estonian National Communications Board
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10614 Tallinn
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Spectrum Policy and Planning Introduction

Estonian National Communications Board is responsible for the management, distribution andcollection of fees of radio spectrum. Technical panning department , licensing department and
supervision department are responsible for managing spectrum. Frequencies charges that are collected are paid to the state budget.

It uses Electronic Communications Act Passed 8 December 2004 for the management and distribution of frequencies.
It uses State Tax Act, last updated 10/1/2002 for the collection of licensing fees.

Radio Frequency Register
Radio frequency and licenses should be registered. The authority uses administrative processfor the distribution of frequency. However, if more than one user applies for the same frequencythen auction is organized for the particular frequency. For information on national radiofrequency registration from 960 to 3100 MHz please visit:
License holders of public networks, emergencies bands , diplomats and military bands areexempted from frequencies charges.
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