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Spectrum Policy and Planning  Introduction

The main responsibilities of the authority are to manage radio spectrum efficiently and effective, and to monitor the illegal use of the radio frequency. It aims to maximize the economic and social benefits from the efficient use of radio spectrum.

The Malta Communications Authority (MCA) has general powers under the Malta Communications Authority Act (Chapter 418 of the Laws of Malta) and specific powers under other laws, such as the Telecommunications (Regulation) Act (Chapter 399 of the Laws of Malta). The Authority is the appointed competent authority for the supervision of signature certification service providers established in Malta as defined in the Electronic Commerce Act (Chapter 426 of the Laws of Malta). With the enactment of the Postal Services Act, the Authority also became the competent authority to regulate postal services in Malta.
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Radio Frequency Register
Although there are currently no specific legal provisions setting out responsibilities for the
preparation of the national frequency plan, the plan has been drawn up by the Wireless
Telegraphy Department on behalf of the Minister.

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