Launch of Wi-Fi in the Paris metro

The Spanish company GOWEX this month launched coverage Wi-Fi in several areas of transport in Paris. Travelers Capital and can connect to 66 hotspots in 48 areas located in and out of metro stations, bus and RER and in public spaces such as plazas and boulevards nearby. These spaces do not include underground trains. Eventually, the entire subway system, nearly 245 stations, will be covered by this service. Among the sites already benefiting from the Wi-Fi coverage, strakes: Orsay, La Bastille, Montparnasse, République, Châtelet, Star, The Gare du Nord, La Defense, or the station of Saint-Denis. In total, a dozen subway stations that are covered as well as fifteen RER. To start browsing, travelers have to connect to network "GOWEX Free WiFi" from their mobile phone, smartphone, tablet, or notebook yet. 

Free Wifi in Metro Paris France

They will access a home page or validation where they will register. Once registered, they will receive a username and password by e-mail or SMS, and can begin to surf for free at a speed of 1 Mbps. Note that a mobile application GOWEX Free WiFi, available for Android smartphones, that allows to automatically connect to the network, and locate places and stations equipped with Wi-Fi. GOWEX Note that the company is not at his first attempt since it has already worked with more than 60 cities around the world, including Bordeaux, the first city Wi-Fi GOWEX in France.


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