The number of users "Twitter" was half a billion and the Arabic language occupies 6th place

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A study published by the company "Simeocast" that the number of users of social network "Twitter" was half a billion at the end of June, and a total in the United States alone 140 million users, while the Arab Taper is the sixth language used on this network.




The number of users "Twitter" become half a billion at the end of June, noting that more than 140 million users of them are from the United States and the number of users in Brazil recorded an increase by more than 23% since the beginning of the year, as was mentioned in a study published by the company "Simeocast."


The United States tops the list of countries that use this micro-blogging site, registered 141.8 million unique users in June 30, 2012. Brazil and occupies second place with 41.2 million users, followed by Japan with 35 million users, according to the company "Simeocast" taken in the Paris-based and specialized in research on networks of social networking.

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But Japan maintains second place in terms of the number Alngredat, registered 10.6% of the total number Alngredat published on the site. As U.S. employers have published 25.8% of the total number Alngredat. Thus, the Japanese are the most widely used second language on "Twitter" after the English.

Arabic is experiencing widespread on "Twitter" and became the sixth most widely used language on the site, note that Riyadh is a city of ten most published Ngredat. The number of users "Twitter" in Saudi Arabia by 93% within six months, reaching 2.9 million users.


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