Feeling fat or ugly? You can’t say it on Facebook

An organisation called Endangered Bodies has collected over 17,000 signatures on a petition from people demanding that the ‘feeling fat’ emoji was removed. The organisation say that “fat is not a feeling “ and claim the emoji encourages negative body image, makes fun of overweight people and could be harmful to people with eating disorders. The petition was promoted on Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #FatIsNotaFeeling.


The 'Feeling Ugly' emoji seems to have disappeared too but we are still allowed to feel, “pissed” and “drunk”. For the moment that is until someone decides these are emojis are harmful to alcoholics. If you have over eaten you are allowed to be feeling 'stuffed' and you can inform your Facebook friends when you are feeling thoroughly 'pissed off'.

Rebecca Guzelian and Endangered Bodies initiated the petition on change.org claiming that fat and ugly are not feelings but are adjectives used to describe physical characteristics. The Petition was addressed to Facebook and said, “Remove the body-shaming ‘I feel fat’ and ‘I feel ugly’ status options and emoticons from all versions of Facebook”.

Endangered Body launched in 2011 stating “we challenge all those merchants of body hatred who turn girls and women against their own bodies”. The organisation aims to “reject the horrors of body uniformity” and “Cherish a variety of body shapes, sizes, colours and ages”.

Do you feel it is harmful to say we are ‘feeling fat’? Or maybe you think we need some new Facebook emojis, how about feeling ‘Dominated’, ‘censored ‘or ‘gagged’?

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