Facebook's New Lite App begins roll out in Asia

The Facebook Lite App is fast to install and loads quickly even where internet connection is slow. The new lite app uses less than 1 MB of storage space compared to the standard Facebook app which uses 25 MB. Facebook Lite has been under testing since January and will be rolled out in Africa, Latin America and Europe over the next few weeks according to Vijay Shankar Product Manager of Facebook Lite.

A report by Ericsson claims that 80% of new Smartphone subscribers from 2015 to 2020 will be from Africa, Asia and the Middle East giving Facebook millions of potential new users in these areas. Facebook has already been targeting users in developing nations through its Internet.org project which gives free or low cost internet access to a limited range of sites and services which of course include Facebook. This week Facebook’s Internet.org rolled out in Senegal which became the 13 th country to benefit from Facebook’s free but restricted internet service.

One billion Facebook users around the world already access the social network on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets and the flood of cheap smartphones into developing countries gives Facebook the opportunity to attract many more users with its new lite app. By the end of 2016 India will have more Facebook users who access the site on smartphones than the US, according to a report by eMarketer.

Whilst Facebook Lite will give users the core features including status updates, notifications, news feed and photos, video will not be available on the lite app as it uses too much data.               .