HTC’s One M9 Smartphone just got a smart waterproof cover

Taiwan’s HTC have pulled out all the stops in their Active Pro Case which looks great as well as providing superb protection for your Smartphone. Despite being lightweight and not adding bulk your Smartphone is well protected with this new smart, attractive dark grey and yellow cover.

Your HTC Smartphone will survive drops from 2 metres without shattering and the screen protector is integrated with glossy plastic which is barely noticeable and does not affect functionality. The anti-reflective material used ensures there is no impact on the cameras performance so you can click away and take great selfies even in the rain .The Active Pro Case is certified to IP X8 waterproof  standard and  has IP 6X dustproof protection.

The case is easy to install on your Smartphone and once installed looks just like part of the smartphones’ body. The cover even comes with waterproof test paper which you place inside the cover before wetting it to reassure yourself that the case is effective and your Smartphone is well and truly protected.

The flagship HTC One M9 Smartphone retails at $649 unlocked or around $199 if purchased with a contract in the US. The android device has a luxurious metal finish and sleek feel as well as a sharp display but falls short on camera quality and short battery life.

Last week HTC launched a new 24-Karat Gold limited edition version of the popular One M9 Smartphone. Unfortunately some of the publicity photos tweeted were taken using an iPhone, causing HTC great embarrassment. No pricing or details were given for the luxury gold Smartphone.