The new Smartphone for those with a social conscience

Fairphone is an Amsterdam based social enterprise which launched in 2013 to produce great long lasting smartphones whilst causing the least harm to people and the planet. Fairphone were awarded the title ‘Fastest Growing European Tech Start-Up’ at The Next Web Conference 2015.

This Smartphone maker with a conscience has recently become a ‘Certified B Corporation’ which recognises the company’s commitment to addressing social and environmental issues during the production of their smartphones. Fairphone ensure Workers are given fair pay and safe conditions as well as welfare services

Fairphone have just unveiled their second Smartphone, the Fairphone 2 which has been designed for longevity and repairability using only minerals from mines that support the local community and don’t fund armed militias. Fairphone sold over 60,000 units of its first Smartphone and 50,000 customers have already expressed interest in the Fairphone 2.

Fairphone 2 is a modular device, designed to last and has replaceable units which can easily be repaired removing the need to upgrade to a newer model Smartphone. Fairphone 2 features a replaceable outer shell which doubles as a protective cover. The device will survive being dropped from a height of 1.85 metres and contains a replaceable battery pack. Pre-orders for Fairphone 2 will open this summer with shipping expected to begin in Autumn. The device will initially only be shipped to Europe and will retail at 525 Euros.

The average Smartphone user upgrades their device every 2 years without a thought for the environment or workers conditions. Fairphone devices are not only designed to last, but to be reused and safely recycled. In 2014 Fairphone introduced a recycling programme to reduce electronic waste which is harmful to the environment. The company provide free returns via their partner Teqcycle who will refurbish smartphones and pass on to second hand vendors where possible and safely dispose of devices that are beyond recycling.