Will you install Google's Nest Cam in your home ?

Nest Cam is Google’s third internet connected home device. The  IoT home surveillance camera is controlled using a Smartphone which will also alert you to any suspicious activity in your home. The device is available in the UK, Ireland, France, The Netherlands and Belgium, retailing at £159. Google’s Nest Cam is more expensive than other similar devices but is packed with new technology including a 1080p video and comes with an app that can record and process images.

Nest Cam was unveiled at a press event in San Francisco by Nest Lab’s CEO Tony Fadell who developed the iPad. Google are developing an operating system called Brillo which will enable home devices and appliances to communicate via the internet. Brillo will directly compete with Apple’s HomeKit. Google will offer Nest Cam users a monthly subscription service which stores up to 10 days of video recordings and alerts users to any suspicious activity in the home.

Google are investing heavily in the IoT and in 2014 acquired Nest for $2.75 billion. The tech giant later bought Dropcam for $517 million. Google are also giving users of its digital thermostat, their first connected home device which was launched four years ago, a free software upgrade. The company also sell a connected smoke detector.

Privacy fears surround the growth of the IoT as there have been highly publicised cases of baby monitoring devices in the UK being hacked and video footage from childrens bedrooms being streamed in Russia. Consumers will need to be confident that their washing machines and toasters are not vulnerable to hacking before the industry will really take off.