4G the hold-up of Morocco Telecom is delight of competitors

The suggestion is clear to the other two operators who, failover to 4G requires a SIM change. But what the operator's customer service fails to say is even 4G technology is enabled on the same chip found in your mobile phone, it is not certain that it can withstand this technology. Many phones of the current fleet are not compatible with this technology.

Indeed one of the reasons that explain the delay of the incumbent in the launch of 4G is disagree with a commercial supplier. "The Chinese Huawei was about to sign with Morocco Telecom for 4G phones and keys, but the deal would have fallen into the water at the last moment", says an industry specialist. But this would not be the only reason: Morocco Telecom also lagging in its facilities in the major cities of the Kingdom, including Casablanca, Rabat and Tangier. "We are the first surprised at the lack of responsiveness of Morocco Telecom, explains the head of a competing company. Given its size and its striking force, we thought that Morocco Telecom would be the first operator to launch 4G. That makes at least one year its officers constantly rehashing they are willing to activate this service.

 We must therefore believe that Morocco Telecom is now only a shadow of itself. Taken aback by his challengers, the company has proved itself responsive. Now that its historical monopoly is fast dismantling, its capacity for innovation remains limited to promotional offers which have no effect as cut prices and destroy wealth. We probably expected better from a company of this size is expected to flood the market innovation.

 This hold-up is the delight of competitors. The Meditel as Inwi shops are always full of customers who want to switch to 4G and are even willing to renew their contracts for mobile devices compatible with 4G. 

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