Commissioning eight 4G telephony stations in Bechar Algeria

 Opposite the reproaches of thousands of users dissatisfied with the quality of service, it announces the next function 15 shelters for the system Multiservice Access Nod (MSAN). These facilities cover the localities of Lamtar, Bir H'mam, Oued Sefioune, M'cid, Zahana Hassi Sidi Khaled, SIDI DJILLALI, Tighalimet, Sidi Chaib, Bedrabine, Sidi Brahim, Zerouala, Sidi Hamadouche, Telmouni and commercial agency Algeria Telecom on Rue Aspirant Saadane. "The installation of MSAN network is part of the renewal of the existing network of thousands of kilometers of copper cable to be replaced with fiber optics."


 "This approach aims to improve telecommunications services, telephony, access to broadband Internet and television, everywhere, to cover the entire territory of the province" DOT adds, noting that the province Sidi Bel Abbes has 47 MSAN already operational.

 According to officials of the operational management of telecommunications, the province will benefit by the end of 2015, with a total coverage of this technique "and offer high quality services to customers who will also end the disturbances that knows the network and theft of copper cable."