Cuba opens first public WIFI

The Cuban state monopoly Etecsa responsible for telecommunications announced the opening in July of 35 paying wifi areas open to the public, a first in this island where internet access is strictly controlled.

These measures occur as part of a national strategy announced in April and to allow "all Cubans" to access the Internet within five years, according to the 2020 plan of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).

For developing countries, the ITU recommends that 50% of the population has access to internet for less than 5% of his monthly income.

Several independent experts, the Cuban plane will not be completed if the sector is opened to foreign investment.

Yet the strengthening of telecommunications equipment is one of the US priorities in their rapprochement with the communist island announced in late 2014. Several US specialized delegations have already made the trip to Cuba in recent months.

Since 2013, Cubans have access to 155 public rooms where navigation Etecsa maintained since February promotional rates reduced by 4.50 to 2.50 per hour. Prices still out of reach for most Cubans, whose average salary does not exceed $ 20 a month.

Previously, the only public access was offered by hotels at even higher prices ($ 10 per hour on average).

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