Watch Apple at the pool

In its release, the Apple Watch has disappointed many swimming enthusiasts: the watch Apple is not waterproof, it is not made to be used underwater. However, some users have plunged more adventurous with their wrist watch, and they swam for a long time, without ever having a problem.


Boosted by the fact that Apple Watch resistant to a small dip, Active in Time - publisher of sports and mobile solutions specialist swimming - has created an application for the watch. Taking advantage of watches 2 and the full SDK provided to developers, the company has adapted its application designed for Pebble Time. A job that, according to the explanations given on the blog, was easier than expected, even though it took to deal with the peculiarities of Apple Watch.

The display of the watch is perfectly readable under water, but it is unusable. And water can be activated by mistake, so that the mask applied all its controls: use Force Touch to display the menu. Since the screen of the Apple Watch remains off for swimming, the application cannot turn: it is one of the many rules imposed by the manufacturer to maintain the autonomy of the watch.

And pending the release of a waterproof watch and an application dedicated to Apple Watch, you can use the Fit Speedo application on your iPhone to save the pool sessions.