The Smartphone screen is automatically repairs itself

literally every certainly we suffered an accident at his phone and most annoying is that our display breaks but researchers now have to try to solve this famous problem , they are inspired by the human body.


Cracks on smartphones could be a problem of the past thanks to the work of British engineers. They are developing a technology that would allow screens repair itself.  Bristol University engineers could have found the solution to the problems of cracks on the screens. Inspired by the human body and its healing power, these researchers have developed an alloy of different carbons would bring regenerative properties on the screen. Like the blood under the skin, the alloy is contained in microscopic spheres under the screen. During the breaks, these spheres explode, leaving the liquid to escape

This major innovation will be beneficial for individuals as for professionals. The group L’Oreal Paris is already interested in this new material and incorporates the dream of its varnish.

 A scientific breakthrough that will mostly appeal to all those who have a habit of dropping their smartphone ...