Apple and Samsung want to remove the SIM card


The SIM card, which stores the personal information of the owner of a mobile phone, is set to make its metamorphosis. The goal: to weld the object directly in the phone. This possibility is discussed for several months by leading SIM card manufacturers and smartphones, including Samsung and Apple, and the GSM Association, which represents more than 800 telecom operators. These discussions were unveiled in March and an agreement is imminent. The ambition is to make this system a standard in 2016

This new generation SIM card is called “ESIM " (" e- SIM "). It already equips many connected objects such as traffic signaling tools or connected cars. The ezine has the distinction of being embedded in the machine that team. If they reach agreement, Samsung and Apple will be allowed to weld the SIM card directly into the Smartphone’s they produce. This will allow them, in particular, build phones or thinner tablets.

a SIM card was previously the preserve of telecom and the cornerstone of their relationship with their subscribers. Apple had already tried in 2014 to break this monopoly by equipping its iPad Air 2 of his own SIM card, removable. The experience was nevertheless limited to a few English and American operators, partners in the operation.



The others had to equip the tablet of their own SIM card. A little sleight of passes impossible in the case of a non-removable SIM card, and which must be compatible with all telecom operators worldwide. "The spread of embedded SIM cards that are not removable, cannot be done with the cooperation of all stakeholders," said Etienne Costs, associated with the consulting firm Ernst & Young. "Without agreement, we risk associated with selling Smartphone’s for operators without their owner can change it."