Brazil Confirms 4G Spectrum Auction



he Brazilian telecoms regulator, Anatel has confirmed that it will hold a radio spectrum auction on the 5th June. The auction will offer blocks in the 2.5Ghz bands for 4G services as well as spectrum in the 450Mhz bands, which is says are dedicated to improving rural coverage.

The formal documents will be available from the regulator's website from Friday.

According to the announcement, the selection criteria for the winning proposal for the 450 MHz band will be the lowest price to the consumer.

If no proposals or proposals are unsatisfactory, the 450 MHz band will be offered along with lots of 2.5 GHz band that case, the winners will be those that offer the highest bids.

Act No. 2295, declaring and authorizing the opening of the bidding process, and the Invitation for Bids was published today in the Official Gazette.