Apple OS X and iOS among the most vulnerable software in 2015


As every year, the site CVEDetails immersed himself in the compilations of the National Vulnerability Database (NVD) to account for all known vulnerabilities in operating systems and software. After Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Apple Mac OS X, the Linux kernel, Google Chrome and Apple's iOS in 2014, the Top Five 2015 Apple up on the top step with 384 vulnerabilities for OS X, followed immediately with iOS 375 vulnerabilities. To complete the frontrunners include Adobe Flash Player, with 314 vulnerabilities, Adobe AIR SDK, with 246 vulnerabilities, and Adobe AIR itself, with 246 vulnerabilities.

As the name suggests, the system Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) keeps track and detail of publicly known vulnerabilities and security breaches. But the ranking curiously separates product families. Thus, if all versions of OS X are grouped under the same item, different grinds Windows are distributed separately what may seem to distort the final classification? The argument behind this distinction is probably the market share occupied by the various Windows, Android and iOS although they are not divided into separate versions in the same ranking. It is also interesting to note that the Linux kernel is separated from the different Linux distributions. This is probably because the Linux kernel can be updated independently of the rest of the operating system. The vulnerabilities are classified separately as well.

If we take the first 50 products in the ranking by editors, it is easy to see that the first three are Microsoft, Adobe and Apple. We must add, however, that it is here that known vulnerabilities. IT providers (publishers, network equipment suppliers or manufacturers) do not share the same practices for disclosure of security breaches. For some, it is the empty chair policy, particularly in certain Asian suppliers.

 The best approach is always to quickly implement the proposed updates by publishers, including free products, such as Adobe Flash Player and web browsers.

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