Intel releases chips Skylake vPro Professional

 With its Skylake platform, Intel promises performance two and a half times higher, a triple autonomy and an output standby state four times faster compared to that offered by a five year old laptop. The chips 'desktop' will also be upgraded to Skylake this year, having passed on the previous generation (Broadwell).

VPro is actually the same chip as the Skylake processor power, but is equipped in addition to some professional features, including Intel Unite, a collaborative solution that allows PCs (even those without vPro) share easily their screen a room.

SMB Advantage targets the SMB market and is especially suited for chat and file sharing with colleagues, including integration with Lync and Skype. According to Intel, this should offer small businesses more reliable tools to communicate to each other without having to return to the free web tools less reliable or resort to costly collaboration tools.

Multi-factor authentication

But the number one battle horse is Intel Authenticate. The company intends to prevent someone connects with your data. The administrator can add a multi-factor authentication.

The interesting aspect of the latter function is that it is the person who chooses manager application at any time: a pin code, a close unit (smartphone or wearable), detection of the corporate network, a fingerprint or a combination thereof. For example you can specify that your PC remains unlocked if it is on the corporate network, then it locks again when you are in an unknown location and that your GSM (connected via Bluetooth to your PC) has not been detected for more than five seconds. Or you can also plan to connect to work only with a pin code, but also with a fingerprint and a PIN code.

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