Syncing apps, a challenging site for business

Over 58% of the French have a smartphone. Business, e-commerce sites in mind, competing initiatives to develop a commercial relationship with them, talking about multichannel (web is used and the shop), cross channel (both used in both directions for communicate) with omni (are used simultaneously). For natively web companies, such as large e-commerce sites, the arrival of mobile technology poses few problems. However, all the companies is at a crossroads. The ubiquitous mobile requires an extra effort Markess describes the firm in its latest study.

"Companies have worked the speed and simplicity of access to their applications to adapt to the mobile, explains Emmanuelle Olivié Paul, Associate Director Markess. They will have to take another step and reconfigure some of them. Currently, they are between these two phases. " Research firm interviewed 70 managers of mobile applications, they prefer 6 approaches to reach a higher level in their mobile customer relationship. The first point by far is on real-time synchronization of data. "And of all data from all applications, insists Emmanuelle Olivié Paul, enterprise applications, as their partners, logisticians for example."


The last kilometer

The US put the finger right on the "last mile", the last kilometer as we say, the day the package arrives at its destination, your mailbox, a shop of the sign where you ordered, where a service shop in your store site. This is where everything can spoil. The applications of each other does not necessarily communicate very well, but it's your phone that will judge and will make you appreciate or hate the whole chain of command.

Markess identified other approaches. They facilitate access with responsive design that fits sites and emails to an identical playback on the smartphone and the PC, the development of specific applications to mobile devices or the systematic integration of the mobile dimension in any new service . Evident when we observe the subject, but the officials concerned make their daily bread.

The Demat 'on mobile

The study also looks at two practical aspects of the customer relationship. First using notifications at customers, then the provision of dematerialized documents, such as loyalty cards, invoices, promotional coupons, tickets, anything that clutters our portfolios.

 Applications that carry these new approaches and alignment are crucial. To achieve this, all business entities in connection with customers are, too, synchronize, marketing, sales, distribution, and digital ... DSI.