HP is The King of the PC Market

HP is ready to return to pole position when launching original products and its decision to stop offering low-margin equipment. The difficulties encountered by Lenovo also played in his favor. But according to IDC, it was his good results in North America that were decisive in the resumption of his crown. HP's strategy is based on Apple's innovation-driven strategy and focuses on products that generate margins. At the same time, the company has separated from the product lines such as its Slate computers, some Low Stream notebooks, TouchSmart two-in-one, Omni PC and other products that are the key elements of its catalog.

The renewal of HP Inc. does not mean that the manufacturer has necessarily seen everyone. The opportunity to publish the Elite X3, a smartphone in mobile targeting companies Windows 10 is indeed questionable. Deliveries of smartphones equipped with the Microsoft operating system are down and the operating system may not survive long. HP Inc. has positioned Elite X3 as a terminal that can be used as a PC via a docking station and can run business applications on the cloud.


Armed with market analyzes and the expertise of its engineers, the manufacturer then reworked the design of its PCs to provide a smaller and more attractive material. Products such as two in one have been developed to attract customers like those of the "generation joystick" many of which are inclined to spend more equipment with sophisticated design. In 2016, HP also launched computers such as Specter 13 Ultra-thin, the HP Slice Modular Desktop and the Z2 Mini Desktop. The latter offers the capabilities of a PC tower in a small housing. We can also mention the launch of PC Pavilion Wave, a modern version of Apple's Mac Pro.

According to the manufacturer, many companies would already use it under these conditions. "Mobility is always an area that interests us. We will be introducing exciting new features, "said Ron Coughlin, president of HP Vision Systems. Nevertheless, the manufacturer has not planned to enter the smartphone market for consumers. "There are only one or two players who make money in this sector. We do not think it's necessary to be there," he said.

Leveraging Virtual Reality to Sell More PCs

One of the markets that is important for HP Inc. to develop its PC sales is that of virtual reality. The provider will begin delivering its Omen X VR PC backpack in June and will be offering, by the end of the year, a Windows Mixed Reality headset that will have to be connected to the machine to be run. HP Inc.


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