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Spectrum Authority
Tonga Communications.

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Tonga Telecommunications Commission
Road Fasi-moe-afi, Tongatapu
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Spectrum Policy and Planning Introduction

The Tonga communication is allocated by the government to manage and control the radio spectrum properly.
The department is directed by the ministry to determine:
• technical standards that correlate with accepted international conventions;
• a spectrum management plan; 
• a national numbering and electronic addressing plan designed to deal with the opportunities of the emerging global information economy.

The Communications Act 2000, has given rights to Minister and Department (under powers of approval) to make decisions and to take action on certain matters when required on:
• licensing and access arrangements;
• consumer and pricing protection;
• technical and spectrum issues;
• social issues
• economic matters

Radio Frequency Register
The minister is developing a regulation concerning the assignment of spectrum by the meansof action, tender or fixed price.

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