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Spectrum Policy and Planning Introduction

According to the Telecommunications Act 1989 of Vanuatu, the Telecommunications Authority has the responsibility to ensure the provision and development of telecom services. In particular, the aim of the authority is to make sure that operators are technically, financially and managerially capable of carrying out services specified in their licenses.
Licenses to operate telecommunications systems in Vanuatu are issued by the Minister on the
authority being satisfied that an applicant is capable of providing the services required.
Licenses issued must report the period of the license, fees payable by licensees and may include
conditions relating to the operation of the license. This is required to be published in a manner
determined by the authority. Operators are required to submit to the authority a copy of itsaudited accounts.
The authority reports annually to the Minister who submits the report before Parliament. The authority is also responsible for the control of radiocommunications services.

For information on Telecommunication act 2003 please visit:
For information on Republic of Vanuatu’s amended telecommunication act 1993 please visit:
For information on Republic of Vanuatu’s telecommunication act 1989 please visit:

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