Equipment Type Approval Requirements

Type Approval Certification

Type Approval of radio communication device and telecom equipment is the authorization of equipment which required for importing or manufacturing in most countries, by verifying the compliance of the equipment against the standards which have been adopted local regulator. Such conformance might include power and noise characteristics, use of permitted frequencies only, frequency stability, and various other electrical parameters. It ensures that the equipment conform to appropriate standards and principles of product safety and will not interfere with other equipment or network.

In some Africa and America Latin countries the type approval processes is more difficult and can be subject to frequent changes. However, Market Success experts have succeeded in mastering legal requirements, in even the most embarrassed situations.

Equipment requiring Type Approval:

All equipments connected to public and private network and using a wireless or wire-line  communication module are subject to type approval, however the necessity of this approval varies for each country policy

Communication regulator authority:

Bellow example of regulation authority:







Example of Type Approval Certificate :

Tunisia Niger Congo Braza
Certificat d'homologation CERT Tunisia Certificat d'homologation d'equipment telecom Niger Certificat d'homologation Congo braza.jpg


For specific detail about each regulator please visit Telecom policy link for countries summary.